You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley
the amazing talents
Emma Watson stars as Belle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is considered peculiar and strange by the other people in the village. She is an inventor with a passion for reading whose favorite author is Shakespeare. Belle dreams of living in a more exciting place than the provincial town of Villeneuve and uses the books she reads as an escape into more fascinating worlds.

Dan Stevens stars as The Beast / The Prince, a creature under the curse of the Enchantress. Corrupted by his father, the young prince has turned into a spoiled individual and must learn not to be deceived by looks. When he takes Belle prisoner, he begins to care for her and eventually falls in love with her.

Luke Evans stars as Gaston, a captain who has fought in the war. Gaston is considered the most handsome man in town by the vast majority of women -- except for Belle, the woman he intends to marry. Unlike Belle, he expresses no interest in reading or education but is only concerned with his good looks, women, and hunting.

Josh Gad stars as LeFou, Gaston's most loyal companion. LeFou second-guesses some of Gaston's more questionable choices, and at the end of the movie, he even switches sides due to Gaston's ill-treatment.

Kevin Kline stars as Maurice, Belle's father. Maurice is an artist who had to flee with his daughter from Paris to Villeneuve when Belle's mother suffered from the plague. He wants to keep his daughter safe and cannot find the heart to tell Belle what happened to her mother.

Ewan McGregor stars as Lumière, a candelabra and one of the Prince's members of staff. He often goes behind the Beast's back and against his orders, such as when he gives Belle a beautiful room to live in or when he prepares a meal for her.

Ian McKellen stars as Cogsworth, a beautiful clock and Lumiere's most loyal friend. Unlike him, though, Cogsworth always follows his master's orders and worries whenever the other servants break the rules.

Emma Thompson stars as Mrs. Potts, a teapot. She aims to make Belle feel more comfortable in her new home and always offers a cup of tea to make people feel better.

Nathan Mack stars as Chip, Mrs. Potts' son. The teacup gets his name from a little chip on its edge. In real life, he is a young boy and is thus always curious about what the grown-ups are up to. His inquisitive nature makes him ask questions whenever he doesn't understand something.

Audra McDonald stars as Mme de Garderobe, an opera singer and wife to Maestro Cadenza. Madame de Garderobe sings the first aria in the movie, and later, she is happy to see that the castle has a female visitor whom she can now dress. Very often, Mme de Garderobe falls asleep during a conversation.

Stanley Tucci stars as Maestro Cadenza, Mme de Garderobe's husband. The composer was turned into a harpsichord who keeps losing his teeth as the curse carries on. Because of this, Cadenza sometimes hits a wrong note.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars as Plumette, a feather duster. She is in a romantic relationship with Lumiere and continually grows more feathers due to the curse.

Hattie Morahan stars as Agathe / The Enchantress, who places a curse on the prince and his castle. Throughout the movie, she lives in Villeneuve as Agathe and silently watches the doings of the villagers.

... and just in case you were wondering, "Tom, Dick, and Stanley" are three of the villagers. :)

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